Fedora Custom Traditional Bows
Builders of Superb Custom Recurve and Longbows

  I feel the need to give recognition and most of all, a profound expression of thanks to Mike
Fedora, for creating some of the finest traditional bows, available for hunters as well as target
shooters over the last 40 plus years. This fall will be the 30th year, during which, I have been using
one of the bows built for me, by Mike. My favorite bow, the first one I acquired from Mike, is the
above mentioned bow, and I am still using that bow 30 years later. It is an extremely smooth, quiet
bow, that fits me perfectly, and has allowed me to harvest antelope, elk, as well as a considerable
number of whitetails, over the years.
  I started bow hunting in the early seventies with a Bear Kodiak recurve, then switched to
compound bows. I began as an instinctive shooter, graduating to a bow with sights etc. I tagged some
whitetails during those years with various bows, but my early instinctive hunting began to play
heavier and heavier on my mind. I decided I wanted to acquire one of the finest recurves I could find
and began my research. In the early spring of 1980, after talking to numerous bowyers, I asked
Mike to build a bow for me. Several months later, when the bow was finished, I flew to his place of
business. Mike, personally handed me my bow and then proceeded to instruct me first hand, the best
shooting techniques. I returned to my instinctive shooting style, which I still use today.
  Fedora Bows will build you a traditional recurve or longbow to your wants and needs. Take down
models are available as well. I encourage you to visit their website
www.fedorabows.com for
complete information. Mike, his wife Carol and son Jason are among the finest people you will ever
have the pleasure to meet.

Keith Dotterer
Disappear Hunting Products, Inc.
13950 Boy Scout Road
Dresden, OH 43821
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Pope & Young Trophies Harvested with a Fedora Model 560 Takedown Recurve
This is a 64 inch bow with a weight of 65# at a 28 inch draw