Customer Comments
We would welcome your comments about your experiences, with Disappear Cover Scent. Email your comments and/or photos
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I bought your Disappear Scent in mid October last year. I just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with the results. I
truly feel that I have not had a deer smell me all year. I had great success last year. I feel your scent has been a big part of
my success. The first weekend of our rifle season, the wind blew over 30 mph all weekend and I had deer all over me. The
guys at camp were seeing nothing. I saw bucks every day. Thanks for the good scent and I will be reordering again. Also, I
tell all the guys in camp about your website. This year I will start bowhunting and I'm very excited to have your sent to use. I
feel it will be a big factor in my early bowhunting success.
Roy Lovell  -  Bentonville, AR
I have been using your scent and its working great as a calming type scent. I have been spraying it around when I drop my
corn once a week. Since they are used to it, now it should work as a great cover scent on my way into the stand.
Dan Mintz  -  Middle River, MD
The first time I used your Disappear Cover Scent, I sprayed it on a spot about 70 yards from my stand. After a bit a doe
came in, stopped at the spot where I had sprayed your scent and bedded down. Unfortunately, I had put the scent too far
away for a bow shot. She stayed bedded the whole time I was in my stand and even after I came down, she really did not
want  to leave right away. Your scent has an unbelievable calming effect on deer.
Rob Peters  -  Wadsworth, OH
Man, I was really impressed with my experience with Disappear Cover Scent last year. I had deer come closer than ever
and never know I was there. I will continue to use this product as long as I hunt. I had never heard of it and was kind of
hesitant to buy it, but I'm glad I did. I don't have any good pictures, but I did bag the biggest deer of my hunting career. This  
stuff works or I just had a good year, but I'm believing this cover scent played a big role.
Billy Redding  -  Coldwater, MS
This is the first year I tried the Disappear Cover Scent. In the past I’ve used estrus based scents, and have
had good luck with them, although never early in the season. October 11, 2009, Ohio bow season, I became a
The day before I noticed my first fresh buck sign for the year. It was right on the trail I use to get to my deer
stand. I had been using Disappear Cover Scent to cover my scent walking to the stand. I had my doubts
about the scents effectiveness, as it smelled a little too “apple-ie sweet” to me. Perhaps this fresh buck sign
was a coincidence?
Regardless, I turned up the dial on scent use, and made sure I was always covered, I also placed strong
Disappear Cover Scent spots around my stand. I did not want the buck to smell ME! I walked out that
evening with no action at the stand.
Walking in the next morning: behold, there was the ground scrape I saw the day before, freshened up by the
buck! I could tell he was a big one too.  I replenished Disappear Cover Scent in his scrape, as well as on me,
and all around my stand. I then sat from before sunrise until 11am, still no sighting of the buck.
I headed back to the stand at 3:30pm that afternoon. When I got near the stand, WOW! He had the place
torn up, with two fresh scrapes right where I had been focusing my Disappear Cover Scent, in perfect
shooting position from the bow stand. He had been there, and I wasn’t! But I was now!  I put out more scent
and climbed in the stand.
5:10pm: HERE HE COMES, headed right for me and my Disappear Cover Scent “blind”.
Now?  He’s headed for the wall! Pictures attached.
I’m told the stuff keeps for a long time. So, my advice to deer hunters is: buy it now before they make it
Keith Hovland - Wadsworth, OH
I used your deer tarsal product in the spray bottle, which I applied to a wick near my stand and to my boots.  
It has a smell which is very similar to persimmons and there are several persimmon trees in the area that I  
was hunting. By using your product, I got a good 8 point buck. Thank you, I will tell all of my hunter friends,  
you make a great product.
Michael Haverstick - St Peters, MO
I ordered your product before hunting season here in Iowa and started using it around the middle of October.
This was the week of early muzzleloader, sprayed some on my boots and walked in to my tree stand before
light. Watched a medium size buck follow the scent from my boots right to the bottom of my tree. Wow - I
was impressed - didn't shoot it though, wanted a bigger one.
I used the cover scent all through the November rut season for bow. Shot a nice 9 point ( 200 plus pounds
field dressed ). But the most amazing thing was a morning hunt a few days later. Sprayed the cover scent on
my boots and went to the edge of a corn field, just in the timber about 5 feet. It was still dark when I heard
movement to my left. Here comes a nice buck right in front of me, not 7 - 8 feet away. He hit my scent trail,
turned and followed it to about 3 feet from my boots, while I was laying there on the ground. I was praying he
would finally figure out that I wasn't a doe in need of his services!
Craig Allensworth - Carson, IA
As you know this is my first year using your product and I wanted to tell you about the first time I used it.  
My youngest son Caleb and I were bow hunting in Muskingum Co. We set up on a hill side [sitting on the  
ground] overlooking a swamp with a cornfield behind us, with the wind blowing right in our faces right into  
the corn.  We were not wearing any type of scent block clothing. I sprayed the disappear cover scent on
the branches all around us and I sprayed our hat's. We had only been there about a half an hour when a  
doe came out of the corn right behind us and stopped 10 feet away. Unfortunately, I moved to fast and was  
busted, but I just couldn't believe that deer got that close. Good cover scent Keith!
Thank's, Rick Riggs - Rittman, OH
I would just like to tell everyone that I not only use this product when I'm in the field hunting, but I
also use it at my home for viewing quality whitetails. This way my family and I can sit on the deck
over looking the lake and watch deer come in and bed down, they don't even pay us no mind at all! I
just spray a couple squirts of Disappear Cover Scent on the trees and wait, the deer actually lick the
trees!!! Keith,  my family and I would like to thank you for all your time and research that you have
done, developing this truly remarkable product!!
John Riffle - Seville, OH
Hey buddy, well this year has been awesome.  So John and I go out together like we often do and
he has been a bit sore lately, so still hunting requires a few breaks here and there.  We sat down for
a few minutes a couple feet apart.  All of the sudden, I hear this noise that didn't register at first.  It
was a buck coming over this ledge grunting every 8-10 seconds real soft.  I tried to get John to
shoot because he deserves it.  Unfortunately he couldn't see the deer after the initial appearance
because of a tree.  Not knowing what it was except a legal buck I shot.  Well we realized what it was
when we got  up to the bastard.  Not fun dragging.  We also put your sauce on both of us before the
hunt.  We along with friends are strong believers of your scent.
Thanks and good luck, Nick Merritt - East Fairfield, VT
Hey Keith, season off to a slow start.  Started putting Disappear Cover Scent around my stands and
activity increased over night.  Had every intention of holding out for a Vermont monster, but couldn't
resist the temptation of fresh back-straps.  Can't wait to see some monster Ohio bucks in a few weeks.  
Nick Merritt - East Fairfield, VT
Once again your fine product has helped me harvest another great animal. Your product is one of my
best kept secrets and this great Eastern Shore of Maryland Sika Stag taken with my crossbow at 25
yards is the proof of how well your product covers human scent and is a calming attractant for big
mature animals.
Thanks again for making a great scent. Jerry Stone - Front Royal, VA