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2012 Trophies Harvested By Disappear Cover Scent Customers
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So your scent worked good once again.  The guide up
there liked it a lot so I left him my bottle to try with
some with other hunters.  So if you get a call from a guy
in New Brunswick placing an order it's probable
buckaroo. Nick is showing off his May 2012 bear.
Hope all is well.  
Will talk soon

Nick Merritt
Killed this doe yesterday just before dark and after
pictures , gutting and a 1/2 mile drag I finally got her in
the truck. That long drag definitely made for a late night
but well worth it. A very nice fat doe and some really
good eats here. 1 more slickhead to go and I'm back in
the buck hunt.
Jerry Stone
I just had an awesome day in the deer stand
yesterday. I was extremely fortunate to harvest a
great 4 point still  in velvet Piebald Buck and for
me this is an amazing trophy. I have shot allot of
big mature bucks but this buck means as much to
me as any of those bucks. He is unique, beautiful
and has amazing white coloring. WOW!! 30 plus
years of deer hunting and I have never even seen
a piebald deer and for me to kill a buck like this
just AMAZING!!!     Jerry Stone
Nick Merritt, East Fairfield VT, harvested a nice fat
doe on October 7, 2012. Marianna is helping dad
more and more
Nick Merritt added another trophy to his
collection with this huge Black Bear taken
October 14, 2012 in Vermont.
Jim Davis, from Creston, OH, collected yet another fine
buck. This 14 point is a main frame 10 point with some
interesting tine arrangement. Jim harvested this buck on
October 16, 2012 in Ashland Co, OH as well as
harvesting a doe the same day for his first bow double in
a single day. Congratulations buddy!!!
Gerald Stone had another successful hunting trip, this
time heading to Wyoming and taking this fine trophy in
October 2012. Jerry continues to share his feats with
us as he spends his many days in the field in the pursuit
of his passion. Congratulations Jerry!
Shaun McCune of Essex Jct., VT nailed his first
bow kill as well as his first Ohio deer on
November 10, 2012 in Muskingum Co, OH
Sean Hreha, Wadsworth, OH added a fine trophy to
his collection November 11, 2012. He shot this buck in
Medina Co, OH. Congratulations, Sean