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2011 Trophies Harvested By Disappear Cover Scent Customers
We would like to post pictures of the deer you harvest, while using Disappear Cover Scent. All pictures are
welcome, along with any comments. Email them to:
Gerald Stone killed this great buck on Sept 15, 2011
in Prince George’s County Maryland. "I have several
trail camera pictures of this buck, Keith, and I had
been scouting him and an even larger 11 point buck for
4 months now. Just a great feeling to know that all my
hard work  and scouting paid off with taking this
incredible buck." The buck weighed 192 lbs dressed.
Gerald is getting quite a collection of trophies adorning
our website. Wishing you great hunting to come.
Nick Merritt, East Fairfield, VT is claiming he
shot this doe in Franklin County, VT, October 23,
2011, although Nick's daughter Marianna ( the
one holding the scent ) knows she deserves all the
credit for collecting this fine Vermont doe. We will
let you gentle readers determine the real truth of
the matter.
Nick Merritt
collected this
dandy buck
Nov 4, 2011 in
Muskingum Co.
OH. This buck
field dressed
Once again your fine product has helped me harvest
another great animal. Your product is one of my best
kept secrets and this great Eastern Shore of Maryland
Sika Stag taken with my crossbow at 25 yards is the
proof of how well your product covers human scent
and is a calming attractant for big mature animals.
Thanks again for making a great scent. Jerry Stone
Took my good buddy Joey out to the Eastern
Shore of Maryland for a Youth Day Sika hunt
and he killed a nice Sika Stag at 157 yards with
my Remington 700 in .243 caliber. Then I hunted
Monday the 14th of November and got my first
deer double on my own property up in the
Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. Just a great
week of hunting and a ton of fun. .Jerry Stone
My Virginia
Jerry Stone
I'm very happy to harvested this good buck on
Thanksgiving day and very thankful for living on a great
piece of property. Jerry Stone
Jennifer Merritt of East Fairfield VT collected her
deer for the 2011 season. Husband Nick is
mighty proud of his better half.
Keith Hovland, Wadsworth, OH collected a pair of fine
bucks on his November, 2011 hunt in Georgia.
Congratulations on a good hunt.